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An Open Letter to Jason Lee

My son, hereafter referred to as Monkey, loves the TV show My Name Is Earl. He has been begging me off-and-on for a year to write a letter to Jason Lee imploring him to resolve the cliffhanger ending of season … Continue reading

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This Horse’s Hippie Happiness

I haven’t sat down to write in a while in part because in fall/winter I often turn inward, and in part because I haven’t felt there is much to say as of late. I have found myself trying to rebuild … Continue reading

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Know Thyself: The Genographic Project Version

For my birthday this year I decided to give myself a present that I have wanted for quite a long time: send my DNA to National Geographic’s Genographic Project to learn more about my deep ancestry. (Go on and click … Continue reading

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Early Family Fall:Harvest Moon, Equinox, Jerome and Sedona

Nature gives us some great things to marvel at come early Fall. My boys and I have done our best to get out enjoy all that we can, and my parents very graciously allowed us to use their Sedona timeshare … Continue reading

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