An Open Letter to Jason Lee

My son, hereafter referred to as Monkey, loves the TV show My Name Is Earl. He has been begging me off-and-on for a year to write a letter to Jason Lee imploring him to resolve the cliffhanger ending of season 4. For better or worse, this is that letter. 

Dear Jason Lee,

Your show, My Name Is Earl, has been a go-to show for my family. I know it’s not your most recent work, so bear with me a moment. When I took a leave of absence from a job that was slowly killing me about 2 1/2 years ago (one that I later quit), I started streaming My Name Is Earl on Netflix. Eventually, my then 7-year-old son (AKA Monkey) started taking an interest in the show as well. (Yes, yes, I am the parent who allowed her 7-year-old son to watch My Name Is Earl. Don’t you judge me.) His watching habits of Earl have evolved over the past two years now to the point where it’s sort-of his comfort show.


This is Monkey from Christmas this past year. You couldn’t disappoint this face, could you?

I’ve asked Monkey what his favorite things about Earl are. Here are the bullet points, paraphrasing him:

  • It’s a funny, calm show (as opposed to other shows that amp him up to an unreachable degree)
  • There are a lot of good episodes (Our favorites, all from the first season, are: Dad’s Car, Y2K, and Bounty Hunter)
  • It’s good to have on when you’re sick
  • It’s good to have on in the background when you are writing a story
  • It’s interesting to learn about Karma

Well, thanks for sticking with me up until this point, but I’m sure you’re wondering what I’m getting at, right? Is this just in praise of a long-canceled show? Here’s the crux, again paraphrasing Monkey:

Please make more episodes (or an excellent wrap-up movie?) because I HATE cliffhangers. And it seems like you had something else to write because in the final episode Joy looked like she had thought of something.

Monkey has Earl on in the background when he’s knitting, hand crocheting, writing stories, drawing, etc., and every time he makes it to the final episode he begs me to write this letter. How can I deny him? He just wants to know how things turn out for his friends. And as much as adults dislike cliffhangers, can you imagine how much a boy does?

What do you say, Jason Lee, could y’all wrap up Earl for my frustrated boy? This is probably the part where I should fake some horrible illness or trauma for Monkey (Umbungo-esque?), but there is, thankfully, nothing of that nature for the impetus of this letter. Nothing but the desire of a boy to not be disappointed by a show he loves; to know what Joy hinted that she knew in her eyes. Maybe you have been dying to look like this again. Who knows?


Monkey would be most grateful for you to resolve the cliffhanger. He might even look like this after having such a big wish granted.

alden chair

Even though we understand it is unlikely that such a tall order could happen, I suppose at least I have finally written the letter Monkey has begged me to write for so long. Thank you for your consideration. (Likely not really read by Jason Lee, but any random folks on the Internet who have taken the time to read Monkey’s plea.)


Monkey’s Mama



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