My Friend’s Big, Fat Indian Wedding in L.A., Part Three

Our final day in L.A. we managed to complete Monkey’s final beach requests: make a sand castle and explore a tide pool. And I had plenty of time at Union Station to pretend I was an elegant 1940’s lady traveling by rail.

Oh! before we could get a good night’s sleep, pack up, and head to the beach on our final day, some joker pulled the fire alarm at the hotel at about 2:45 AM. We had been asleep for about two hours, and if there had been an actual fire I would have perished from sleepy confusion. (No, not really. Hubby was awake and cognizant and would have saved my confused self.)

We headed towards the beach on Topanga Canyon Boulevard (the businesses we passed on the way to the beach reminded me of the artist enclave of Jerome), uncertain which beach we would choose once we made it to the Pacific Coast Highway. Knowing that Monkey wanted tide pools, we stumbled upon Malibu Lagoon State Beach and saw a bunch of critters! (Sadly, I didn’t notice until we were home that there was probably a big smudge on the lens when I took these pics. Oh, well…)

day3 d31 d32 d33 d34 d35 d36 d37 d38 d39

d310 d311 d312

In nervous traveler style, we went back to the station nice and early, just in case. (Side note: we exited I-10 at Echo Park on the way to the station. I wanted to wander around and stare at all the beautiful houses. *sigh*) Wikipedia says that Union Station was built in Mission style and not Art Deco, and was built during the decline in rail travel in 1939, but I still love it. (Monkey asked me what I was staring at in the picture he took of me and I told him you’re supposed to stare thoughtfully off in to the distance when someone takes your picture. Right?)

d313 d314 d315 d316 d317


d318 d319 d320 d321 d322 d323


Thank you, first out-of-state vacation in many years! We are grateful for the wonderful people, experiences, and natural beauty!


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